Settlement-Minded Family Law

The Law Offices of Jennifer Owens has always followed the philosophy that a tailor-made settlement is the best way to resolve a family law case. We’re not a firm of “pit bull” attorneys, and we don’t believe that anyone “wins” a divorce. We believe that smart decision-making, open communication, and empathy are not only possible during divorce proceedings, they’re essential. We’ve spent enough time in court to know that divorcing couples are always better served by collaboration, not conflict. This is even more true with divorcing parents—we’ve seen the damage that a litigious divorce can do to children.

That is why we strive to create an environment in our practice that encourages both spouses to keep an eye on a better future for themselves and for their children. While we understand—of course!—that there will be times when litigation is necessary, we always focus on achieving the best possible outcome with the least amount of conflict. Every case may be unique, but our settlement-minded mission always remains the same: to achieve a resolution that works for the whole family.

Our Team

Jennifer Owens, Esq.

Jennifer Owens, Esq.

Since opening her practice in 2014, Jennifer has focused on family law. Though she has years of successful litigation and trial experience, Jennifer’s skill at resolving cases outside of court is what sets her apart. She is especially well known for crafting smart solutions to family law problems. With the principles of conflict resolution as her constant guide, Jennifer provides her clients with the education they need to make informed choices.

It has always been Jennifer’s goal to help her clients resolve issues cooperatively in order to minimize the anxiety and hardship associated with divorce. The vast majority of divorce cases settle outside of court. Though she can’t necessarily settle every case, Jennifer remains steadfastly committed to a settlement-minded approach in her family law practice.

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