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The day I hired Jennifer Owens to handle my divorce was the first time I felt like someone was finally listening to my concerns and would handle all of the details of my case for me. I knew that Jennifer was going to work diligently to resolve my case, and she did. Jennifer knows what she is doing. She will call you back, and she will work hard to help you through a difficult time. When I would feel overwhelmed Jennifer would explain the process to me so that I could understand what was happening and why. If you find yourself needing the services of a family law attorney, do yourself a huge favor and meet with Jennifer Owens, you will not regret it.

Mission Viejo, CA

Smart, Caring, and Extremely Effective

Jennifer Owens is a smart, caring and extremely effective family law attorney. She understands the perfect balance between zealously advocating on your behalf without dehumanizing others. I highly respect and recommend this attorney.

Joshua and Laura
Newport Beach, CA

Strongly Recommend

When you meet with Jennifer Owens, you will immediately see why her “Settlement Minded Family Law” firm is so successful. She knows how to gently and efficiently guide you through the process so that your goals are met. Her dedication and focus are exactly what you want in your legal counsel. I strongly recommend Jennifer for any of your family law needs here in Orange County.

Robyn D.
Laguna Hills, CA

Highest Quality Representation

Jennifer protected my rights, when my first attorney couldn’t seem to figure that out. She is smart, efficient, and caring. I would recommend her to anyone looking for the highest quality representation.

Mission Viejo, CA

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