Custody & Visitation

Working together on a co-parenting plan.

Divorce doesn’t only impact the parting couple. Changes brought about by a separation can be earth-shattering for the children involved. You may be worried about how your relationship with your children will be altered, not to mention your children’s well-being as they find ways to cope with a whole new life. Because there is so much at stake for everyone involved, crafting a child custody and visitation schedule can be emotionally difficult for parents and children alike.

Through mediation with the skilled, knowledgeable family law attorneys at The Law Offices of Jennifer Owens, you can reach a custody and visitation arrangement that is beneficial to both parents and their children. Our experienced lawyers have helped hundreds of clients craft their ideal parenting plans outside of the courtroom—without the mess and stress of litigation. Together, we will help you develop the custom-tailored custody and visitation solution that is right for your family.

Goals of Mediation for

Custody & Visitation Issues

Mediation is the best way to work out a parenting plan or custody settlement. It’s done in a neutral but supportive environment with the goal of taking everyone’s needs into account as much as possible.

  • Find an arrangement that works for both parents and children
  • Avoid cultivating anger, resentment, or animosity between parents
  • Make adequate time with the children a priority for both parents

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