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We don’t believe that anyone “wins” a divorce. We know that empathy, compassion, open communication, and mutual understanding are not only possible during divorce proceedings and divorce mediation, but they’re also essential. For over a decade, our team has followed the philosophy that focusing on a tailored settlement is the best way to move through the often-difficult process of divorce. Mediation can provide the best possible path to a divorce settlement that benefits everyone—especially you and your children.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Jennifer Owens know from experience that mediation is a complex process. We help both spouses stay focused and be transparent about their needs and concerns. Above all else, we remain a neutral intermediary to move both parties toward a solution that works for everyone involved. With divorce mediation, you stay in control of the decision-making—and you help lay the groundwork for your new life.

Advantages to


Our attorneys provide a safe, neutral, and supportive forum for both parties. We’ll listen to both of you, encourage you to clarify your wants and needs, and help you communicate with each other in a clear, collaborative, and constructive way.

  • Save money by avoiding high litigation costs
  • Have more say in your custody arrangements
  • Reduce conflict and pain through collaboration

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