Divorce Mediation: The Ace In the Hole for Settlement Attorneys

settlement-attorneysDivorce mediation certainly isn’t for every couple. From histories of domestic abuse and distrust to high-conflict marriages, litigation has its purposes. But for those amicable couples who can collaborate throughout the divorce process, there’s an option that will cut litigation costs, settle quicker, and keep your divorce confidential rather than being public record.

Discover the many benefits of mediation to see why it’s the preferred method for settlement attorneys, and if possible, consider an uncontested divorce for an even faster and more cost-effective solution. 


Why Settlement Attorneys Love Mediation

Settlement attorneys prefer mediation for many of the same reasons as their clients. When stacked up against its counterpart, it’s clear that mediation is the more collaborative of the two. It’s focused on yielding a win-win settlement, versus litigation which often works by a “winner and loser” mentality. But there are plenty of other advantages to mediation that settlement attorneys and their clients can’t help but appreciate:

  • Quicker Settlement: Most mediations don’t just end in a mutually agreed-upon settlement, but a faster finalization as a whole. 
  • Privacy: Rather than having your divorce be public record with litigation, mediation is completely confidential – meaning no one will know your private business.
  • Control: Since mediation allows you to come to a settlement agreement without a judge’s decision, you have greater control over the outcome for you and your family.
  • Flexibility: Even if you opt for mediation, you can still hire an attorney to provide legal advice and suggestions.
  • Collaboration: Your mediator will encourage constructive communication between you and your spouse, which helps to prevent conflicts down the line.


Mediation: A Pathway to Uncontested Divorce

If your mediation sessions are going smoothly with little contest, the door may be open to file an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce is usually less expensive and far quicker than litigated divorces, because everything has already been worked out, allowing the court to fast-track your request. This is another reason why mediation is such a preference for settlement attorneys: now that you’ve come to the necessary agreements during mediation, and have nothing else to fight over in court, you can speed through finalization without the burden of high attorney fees and courtroom appearances. 

In California, there are three requirements for a valid uncontested divorce:

  1. One spouse must have lived in California for the previous six months, and in the county where the divorce case was filed for the past three months,
  2. Both spouses must be willing and able to sign all necessary paperwork,
  3. Both spouses must agree on the settlement of all marital issues, including property division, alimony, child support, and custody.


Do You Fit the Bill for Mediation?

If your marriage meets the above requirements, and you believe collaboration is possible between you and your spouse, divorce mediation may be a suitable route. With its benefits to your wallet, time, and privacy, especially when it leads to an uncontested divorce, it’s no wonder mediation is the ace in the hole for settlement attorneys. If you believe your divorce can be quelled with mediation, don’t hesitate to reach out to The Law Offices of Jennifer Owens to lead you through.


Start Your Next Chapter with Our Team of Settlement Attorneys

Divorce is an emotional journey to endure. On top of the bitterness and anger which often result from a formal separation, the subsequent legal battles tend to make the whole process even more painful. At the Law Offices of Jennifer Owens, we revel in the power of choice. When spouses face divorce, they’re presented with a slew of decisions with a handful of potential outcomes. Our attorneys are believers in the best possible outcome, where a former couple chooses peace over destruction so that they can finally move on to their next chapter. We can help with that. No matter your desired path – divorce mediation, a negotiated settlement, or even litigation – The Law Offices of Jennifer Owens will achieve the best possible outcome by reaching a settlement that keeps all involved parties in mind. Visit our website to review our family law services or contact us online for a free consultation

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